Catalan Sign Language: Speaking with Your Hands and Hearing with Your Eyes


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Do you have an interest in learning a sign language? Do you want to know how to make your community more inclusive? Are you interested in linguistic studies? In this free online course, you will learn the basics of Catalan Sign Language (LSC), the sign language used by the deaf community in Catalonia, and a valuable research area for sign language linguists.

Learn basic Catalan Sign Language

During the course, you will practice a lot of “finger gymnastics”. By the end of the course, you will understand common signs and expressions, signed slowly and clearly, that relate to yourself, family life and work, and the immediate environment.

You will also be able to express yourself in simple terms, ask simple questions about everyday topics, and use expressions and simple phrases to describe well-known places. Finally, you will be able to sign short texts such as a story.

Explore Catalan Sign Language as a natural language of the deaf community

You will learn about the wider significance of Catalan Sign Language and about the importance of the deaf community having their own language.

Although Catalan Sign Language is recognised officially in Catalonia, often the deaf community can seem isolated. By learning about sign language, and the reality of the deaf community, both the hearing and the deaf can put an end to social exclusion.

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